A new feminism is emerging.

Fairer Disputations is an international community of scholars, public intellectuals, journalists, and advocates that aims to advance a sex-realist feminism. We aggregate and publish popular and scholarly articles dedicated to defending a vision of female and male as embodied expressions of human personhood, with special focus on the current threats to women and girls from sex trafficking and prostitution, pornography, trans ideology, and reproductive technology. Though united in an understanding that biological sex is real, we publish an array of perspectives on how society ought properly to accommodate that reality.

Recommended Reads

Fairer Disputations

Feminism’s New Wave is Here

Serena Sigillito (2023)


No One Has the “Right” to Have a Baby

Louise Perry (2020)

Fairer disputations

Sex-Realist Feminism: A Symposium

The Editors (2023) 


Reclaiming Feminism from the Logic of the Market

Erika Bachiochi (2021)

Public discourse

Feminism’s Last Battle

Abigail Favale (2021)

The New York Times

Why Sex-Positive Feminism is Falling Out of Fashion 

Michelle Goldberg (2021)

The New Statesman

What is Gender, Anyway?

Sarah Ditum (2016)


No One is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’

William J. Malone, Colin M. Wright, and Julia D. Robertson (2019)

The Conversation

Why Self-Identification Should Not Make You Legally a Women

Kathleen Stock (2018)


Let the Body Testify: Whose Bodies Matter?

Leah Libresco Sargeant (2021)


Gender is Not on a Spectrum

Rebecca Reilly-Cooper (2016)


The Coming Wave of Sex Negativity

Katherine Dee (2021)

Institute for Family Studies

Christine Emba Rethinks Sexual Consent

Leah Libresco Sargeant (2022)



John Finnis (2011)


Love, Economics, and Cheap Sex

Catherine Ruth Pakaluk (2018)

Institute for family studies

Reframing Homemaking as a Skilled Occupation

Ivana Greco (2023)

The Heritage Foundation

Parental Rights: A Foundational Account

Melissa Moschella (2020)

American Mind

Maiden, Mother, Matriarch

Helen Roy (2021)

Other Feminisms

Embodied Caregiving

Erika Bachiochi (2016)

Public discourse

Can Fatherhood Cure the Modern Male Malaise?

Richard Reeves, Serena Sigillito (2023) 

The critic

The Dignity of Domestic Labour

Louise Perry (2020)

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