A new feminism is emerging.

Fairer Disputations is an international community of scholars, public intellectuals, journalists, and advocates that aims to advance a sex-realist feminism. We aggregate and publish popular and scholarly articles dedicated to defending a vision of female and male as embodied expressions of human personhood, with special focus on the current threats to women and girls from sex trafficking and prostitution, pornography, trans ideology, and reproductive technology. Though united in an understanding that biological sex is real, we publish an array of perspectives on how society ought properly to accommodate that reality.

Recommended Reads

Fairer Disputations

Feminism’s New Wave is Here

Serena Sigillito (2023)

Fairer Disputations

Anti-Feminism Is Just Another Lifestyle Brand 

Katherine Dee (2023)

First Things

Sex-Realist Feminism

Erika Bachiochi (2023) 

church life journal

Reclaiming a Lost Vision of the Rights of Women

Erika Bachiochi (2021)

Fairer disputations

Sex-Realist Feminism: A Symposium

The Editors (2023) 

Fairer Disputations

Women and Children First

Louise Perry (2023)

 Fairer Disputations

Rehabilitating Biological Essentialism

Holly Lawford-Smith (2024)

Fairer disputations

What Happens to Parents When Kids Come Out as Trans

Eliza Mondegreen (2023)

Fairer Disputations

Gender-Affirming Care” is the New Conversion Therapy

Donovan Cleckley (2023)


Let the Body Testify: Whose Bodies Matter?

Leah Libresco Sargeant (2021)


Gender is Not on a Spectrum

Rebecca Reilly-Cooper (2016)

The Free Press

I’m 30. The Sexual Revolution Shackled my Generation.

Louise Perry (2022)


The Coming Wave of Sex Negativity

Katherine Dee (2021)

Fairer Disputations

Liberal Feminism Can’t Resist Eugenics

Mary Harrington (2023)


The Joy—and Horror—of Surrogacy

Carmel Richardson (2023)

Fairer disputations

Integrating Sex: Why We Hunger for Affirmation of our Bodies

Angela Franks (2023)

Fairer Disputations

It’s a Vibe: How Sexual Orientation Lost the “Sex”

Katherine Dee (2023)

Fairer Disputations

Men’s Care: Same or Different?

Martin Robb (2023)

fairer disputations

Tearing Down the Maternal Wall

Rachel Lu (2024)

First Things

Embodied Caregiving

Erika Bachiochi (2016)

Fairer Disputations

Moving Past the Mommy Wars: Pro-Family Policy for the Rest of Us

Patrick Brown and Serena Sigillito (2023) 

The critic

The Dignity of Domestic Labour

Louise Perry (2020)

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