Gender and the Body

More Must-Read Editorials


The Trans War on Tomboys

Nina Power (2023)

Washington Examiner

Transgenderism is Experiencing a Crisis of Scientific Legitimacy

David Gortler (2023)


Better Living Through Body Surveillance

Katherine Dee (2022)

Independent women’s forum

Women’s Sport Can’t Be Decided by Testosterone Levels

Jennifer Braceras (2022)

The American Mind

The Fight Against Erasing Women

Mary Harrington (2021)

4th Wave Now

Autism, Puberty, and Gender Dysphoria

Elizabeth Hawker (2020)

The New Statesman

What is Gender, Anyway?

Sarah Ditum (2016)


Children Can’t be Experts on Themselves

Lionel Shriver (2023)

First Things

Gender After Eden

Mary Harrington (2022)

City journal

How to Regulate Pediatric Gender Medicine

Leor Sapir, John Ketcham (2023)

New york times

Women Have Been Misled About Menopause

Susan Dominus (2023)

Gender clinic news

Mother’s Milk

Bernard Lane (2023)

The Critic

The Deconstruction of Women

Helen Saxby (2023) 

Reality’s last stand

Sex Differences in the Weightroom

James L. Nuzzo (2023)

The Critic

Fruits of Sex

Samuel Negus (2022)

reactionary Feminist

Staying Human in the Meat Lego Matrix

Mary Harrington (2021)


No One is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’

William J. Malone, Colin M. Wright, and Julia D. Robertson (2019)


Gender is Not on a Spectrum

Rebecca Reilly-Cooper (2016)

Reality’s Last stand

Social Media and the Rise of Performative Mental Illness

Gayathiri Rajkumar, J.D. Haltigan (2023)


Designing Woman

Leah Libresco Sargeant (2022)

The American Mind

The Last Days of Women

Tara Thieke (2021)


Let the Body Testify: Whose Bodies Matter?

Leah Libresco Sargeant (2021)

The American Mind

Maiden, Mother, Matriarch

Helen Roy (2021)

The Critic

The Hidden Trauma of Identity Politics

Mary Eberstadt (2020)

Catholic World Report

What is a Woman?

Angela Franks for (2020)


The Lure of Androgony 

Mary Eberstadt (2019)

The Conversation

Why Self-Identification Should Not Make You Legally a Women

Kathleen Stock (2018)

public discourse

Rendering the Sexed Body Legally Invisible

Erika Bachiochi (2016)

More Must-Read Scholarship

Index on Censorship

What is a Woman?

Kathleen Stock (2021)

Church Life Journal

Consumerism and the Liquefacation of Desire

Angela Franks (2021)

Church Life Journal

The Body as Totem in the Asexual Revolution

Angela Franks (2021)

Marriage and Family Review 

Are Mothers and Fathers Interchangeable Caregivers?

Catherine R. Pakaluk and Joseph Price (2020)

Church Life Journal

Biopower’s Scapegoating of the Female Body

Angela Franks (2022)

Law and Contemporary Problems

The Importance of Referring to Human Sex in Language

Kathleen Stock (2022)

Church Life

The Body as a Formed Stream

Angela Franks (2021)


Evaluating the Sex/Gender Distinction

Tomas Bogardus (2020)


Some Internal Problems with Revisionary Gender Concepts

Tomas Bogardus (2020)

Church Life Journal

What is a Woman?: A Half-Answered Question

Abigail Favale (2022)

Church Life Journal

Modernity’s Feasting on Fluid Bodies and Empty Selves

Angela Franks (2021)

Church life journal

The Eclipse of Sex by the Rise of Gender

Abigail Favale (2020)

Christian bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality

Sexual Identity, Gender, and Human Fulfillment: Analyzing the “Middle Way” Between Liberal and Traditionalist Approaches

Melissa Moschella (2019)

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