Sex and Exploitation

More Must-Read Editorials

The Truth Fairy

A Predator’s Paradise

Abigail Shrier (2023)

The Washington Times

Consent is Not Enough. We Need a New Sexual Ethic.

Christine Emba (2022)

The Public Insight

The Implications of Child Sex Dolls

Erin Holmes (2022)


Middle-Aged Women Don’t Want Sex

Mary Harrington (2022)   

The American Mind


Katherine Dee (2022)

The American Mind

Selling Sexual Freedom

Ashley Colby (2022)


Germany: Europe’s Bordello

Julie Bindel (2022)


Mr Deepfakes Can Make You a Porn Star

Imogen Serwotka (2022)

Verily Magazine

Let’s Stop Acting Like Sex Work is Empowering

Mary Rose Somarriba (2021)

Reactionary Feminist

The Three Laws of Pornodynamics

Mary Harrington (2021)


Ne Quid Nimis

Mehreen Kasana (2021)

Natural Womanhood

Coercion and Birth Control in Sex Trafficking

Mary Rose Sombarriba (2021)

Verily Magazine

Traction Is Growing Against Sex Trafficking and Porn

Mary Rose Sombarriba (2020)

Public Discourse

Reproductive Technologies and Human Dignity

Melissa Moschella (2019)

First Things

How Vulgarity Normalizes Predators

Leah Libresco Sargeant (2017)

Meghan Murphy substack

We Could Actually Use a Little More Shame Around Sex

Meghan Murphy (2023)

The American Mind


Helen Roy (2022)

Other Feminisms

How Reversible are LARCs?

Leah Libresco Sargeant (2022)

Institute for Family Studies

Christine Emba Rethinks Sexual Consent

Leah Libresco Sargeant (2022)


Sex Positivity Can’t Last

Katherine Dee (2021)

the Line of beauty

On Sex-Negativity

Tara Isabella Burton (2021)

Reactionary Feminist

Go to Horny Jail

Mary Harrington (2021)

First Things

OnlyFans and the Sexual Revolution

Samuel D. James (2021)

The American Mind

The Naked Truth: Porn is Bad for You

Katherine Dee (2021)

The American Conservative

Tumblr Transformed American Politics

Katherine Dee (2021)

The New York Times

OnlyFans is Not a Safe Platform for ‘Sex Work.’ It’s a Pimp.

Catherine A. MacKinnon (2021)

Verily Magazine

If We Want to Save the Children, Let’s Start with Ourselves

Mary Rose Sombarriba (2020)


What Sort of Sex do Women Really Want?

Louise Perry (2020)

First Things

Kissing Purity Culture Goodbye

Abigail Favale (2018)


Links Between Pornography and Prostitution

Melissa Farley (2015)

4W – Feminist News

You Meet More Perverts When You’re Poor

Róisín Michaux (2023)

Reactionary feminist

On Rape Crisis Centers and the Third Law of Pornodynamics

Mary Harrington (2022)


Why do Women on OnlyFans Pretend to be Girls?

Katherine Dee (2022)


How Surrogacy is Transforming Medicine

Mary Harrington (2022)


The Rise of the Liberal Groomer

Mary Harrington (2022)

Default Friend

A Brain Dump About Femcels and Sex Negativity

Katherine Dee (2022)

Other Feminisms

Presuming Porn Guilty

Leah Libresco Sargeant (2021)


Love in the Marketplace

Mary Harrington (2021)

the american mind

Stumbling Into Celibacy

Katherine Dee (2021)

The American Mind

Birth Control Pilled

Katherine Dee (2021)

The Wall Street Journal

How TikTok Serves Up Sex and Drug Videos to Minors

Rob Barry, Georgia Wells, John West, Joanna Stern, and Jason French (2021)

Default Friend

The Coming Wave of Sex Negativity

Katherine Dee (2021)


No Sex Please, We’re Brutish

Louise Perry (2020)

Natural Womanhood 

The Unethical Push to Sterilize Women in the Delivery Room

Mary Rose Sombarriba (2020)

First Things

OnlyFans and the Sexual Revolution

Peachy Keenan (2021)

More Must-Read Scholarship

Public Discourse

Love, Economics, and Cheap Sex

Catherine Ruth Pakaluk (2018)

Church life journal

Dignity or Victimhood?

Abigail Favale (2018)

University of South Carolina Law Review

Dear John, You are a Human Trafficker

Mary Leary (2017)

Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy

Fighting Fire with Fire: Technology in Child Sex Trafficking

Mary Leary (2013)

Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy

Embodied Equality: Debunking Equal Protection Arguments for Abortion Rights

Erika Bachiochi (2011)

Public Discourse

The Social Costs of Pornography

Patrick Hough (2010)

The Quarterly Journal of Economics

An Analysis of Out-of-Wedlock Childbearing in the US

George A. Akerlof, Janet L. Yellen, Michael L. Katz (1996)

Economic Inquiry

The Paradox of the Pill

Andrew Beauchamp, Catherine Pakaluk (2019)

Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy

Prolegomenon on Pornography

Gerard Bradley (2018)

Texas Tech Law Review

Affirmatively Replacing Rape Culture with Consent Culture

Mary Leary (2016)

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics

Rethinking the Moral Permissibility of Gamete Donation

Melissa Moschella (2014)

Reason in Action: I


John Finnis (2011)

Virginia Journal of Social Policy and Law

Sexting or Self-Produced Child Pornography? The Dialogue Continues

Mary Leary (2010)

National Centre on Sexual Exploitation

Pornography, Prostitution and Sex Trafficking: Making the Connections

NCOSE (2019)

Christian bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality

The Wrongness of Third-Party Assisted Reproduction: A Natural Law Account

Melissa Moschella (2016)

CUA Columbus School of Law Legal Studies

Religion and Human Trafficking

Mary Leary (2015)

CUA Columbus School of Law Legal Studies

Death to ‘Child Erotica’

Mary Leary (2009)

CUA Columbus School of Law Legal Studies

Self-Produced Child Pornography: An Appropriate Societal Response to Juvenile Self-Sexual Exploitation

Mary Leary (2008)

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