From Kamisaka Sekka’s Cho senshu (One Thousand Butterflies), 1904. Public Domain.

This Week: J.K. Rowling, Drafting Women, and a Detransitioner’s Pregnancy Journey

Welcome to the weekly Fairer Disputations round-up: your one-stop shop for the best in sex-realist feminism. This week: Helen Dale on J.K. Rowling and gender politics in the U.K, Sarah H. Wilder on Phyllis Schlafly and the draft, Kelsey Bolar on a detransitioner’s pregnancy journey, raising boys, heterodox feminism, FD recommends a book—and more!

At Law & Liberty, Helen Dale provides a run-down of gender politics in the U.K., highlighting J.K. Rowling as a leader of the campaign for truth telling and women’s rights.

Next, Sarah H. Wilder on how second wave feminists’ rejection of male-only spaces has led to the demise of women’s spaces—and the pending inclusion of women in the draft.

Finally, Kelsey Bolar tells the story of Prisha Mosley, a detransitioner whose pregnancy helped her to discover the beauty of womanhood and motherhood.

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Fairer Disputations Recommends:

Louise Perry’s The Case Against the Sexual Revolution is such an important read that it was the first selection for our Fairer Disputations campus reading groups! It’s a must-read for young women who are entering the dating milieu, and for anyone seeking to understand how today’s sexual arena became so dysfunctional.

Relying on evolutionary biology, social science, her own experience working in a rape crisis centre, and more, Perry probes many of the “truisms” advanced by the sexual revolution. Does the sexual revolution actually serve women, or are the real winners high-status men? With chapter titles such as “Sex Must be Taken Seriously” and “Consent is Not Enough,” Perry leads the counter-revolution—one which takes the interests of young women seriously.

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