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This Week: Kids in Public, Romance Online, and Believing in Love

Welcome to the weekly Fairer Disputations round-up: your one-stop shop for the best in sex-realist feminism. This week: Jim Dalrymple III on kids in public, Katherine Dee on romance from behind a computer screen, Freya India on believing in love, divorce’s effects, trans medical lobby division, corporate pride, Taylor Swift, FD recommends a book—and more!

First, Jim Dalrymple III writes on our changing attitudes towards the presence of children in public life (it’s also well worth reading his other recent piece on the rise of child-free weddings!).

Next, Featured Author Katherine Dee with a reflection of what it means to fall in love online—and whether this disembodied love can translate to real life.

Finally, a piece from Freya India on why Generation Z’s tendency towards having “no expectations” for their love lives is actually more damaging than having unrealistic ones.

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Fairer Disputations Recommends:

Wollstonecraft Project Director Erika Bachiochi provided an advance review of Paul Morland’s just-released No One Left:

Essential reading for reckoning with the demographic winter that is now upon us. Regardless of whether you agree fully with Morland’s analysis and conclusions, this data-rich, highly readable book offers political and social leaders a careful and astute presentation of the full scale of the problem. Morland has done all of us a great service. We ignore him at our peril.

We are happy to feature an exclusive excerpt from the book as our FD original this week: Why Feminism Must Be Pro-Natal—and Pro-Human.

Want more book recommendations? We’ve got you covered!