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This Week: A Nonbinary Medical Scandal, Fan Fiction, and Millennial Malaise

Welcome to the first Fairer Disputations curated round-up: your one-stop shop for the best in sex-realist feminism. Look here for the most thought-provoking new essays, articles, and podcasts, plus an update each week on what one of our Featured Authors is reading.

I Pretended To Be ‘Nonbinary’ To Expose a Medical Scandal at Kaiser Permanente

In our first featured piece this week, Beth Bourne tells her personal story of how easy it is to access “gender-affirming care” in a California medical system—and how many red flags were ignored along the way.

Joyce Activated, Issue 29

Next, Featured Author Helen Joyce writes about her explorations in the world of “slash” fan fiction. She makes a compelling case that this genre, primarily written and consumed by young women, is fueling the epidemic of girls who begin identifying as trans.

From Boom to Bust: The Truth About Millennial Malaise

Finally, at Align, Featured Author Helen Roy writes a defense—in part—of millennial hesitancy in building families. Scarred by the flippancy with which their parents treated divorce, millennials also lack family and community support that previous generations took for granted. (Note: this piece is paywalled.)

More Great Reads:

What I’m Reading: Mary Harrington

I’m reading Get Married: Why Americans Must Defy the Elite, Forge Strong Familles and Save Civilisation by Brad Wilcox. A professor of sociology at the University of Virginia and senior fellow at the Institute of Family Studies, Wilcox challenges the “me-first messages” he sees as propagated by elites, policymakers and influencers alike, arguing instead that families that defy these messages are both better-off materially and consistently happier and more likely to flourish. Having myself made the feminist argument for marriage, in Feminism Against Progress, it is powerful to see the supporting sociological case made so comprehensively here.