Miriam Cates is Right About Surrogacy

Much ado in Westminster this week, following the revelation by Miriam Cates MP, in a wide ranging interview in The House Magazine, that, like Pope Francis, she supports a ban on surrogacy. 

“Anger as top Tory MP and mum of three Miriam Cates calls for surrogate baby ban”, screamed a Daily Mail headline. And yet, looking at the responses to Ms Cates’ mild assertion that “to deliberately bring a child into the world in order to separate it from its mother at birth … is just ethically not acceptable” I didn’t see much anger, more indifference, if anything. 

If this all seems a bit left field, or you’re coming to the issue of surrogacy afresh you would be forgiven for wondering why Ms Cates is exercised by it, or why it’s suddenly loomed in to focus in the media in recent weeks.