Why This Stay at Home Mom Isn’t Having the TradWife Nonsense

“I’m currently a stay-at-home mom and housewife, so I’m allowed to write this, and I do so with the disclaimer that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a SAHM. In fact, there’s something pretty noble about it—as long as you haven’t chosen this particular pathway from a place of resentment or religious guilt.

I’ve long been a believer that a woman’s place is wherever God calls her. I also believe that sometimes God calls us womenfolk into places where some of our male counterparts resent our presence, and that’s just something they’ll have to get over. When John Piper decreed that women don’t belong on the police force, I don’t think it occurred to him that a lot of female rape victims may not want to relive their trauma to a team full of powerful men with weapons. I’m not a fan of women in combat, but if there’s some dynamite woman out there who can meet the same baseline physical standards as the men, then by all means, let her use her gifts where she feels led to use them.”


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