Why is My Gender Research Being Cancelled?


“Since my academic paper on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria was published last month, it has been downloaded more than 38,000 times and is ranked in the top percentile of similar articles in terms of online attention. One might think that the academic society associated with the journal — the International Academy of Sex Research — would be delighted. Instead, its officers are trying to cancel the article.

Imagine that your daughter, aged 14, tells you that she is transgender. You are confused, not to mention worried. For several years she has had emotional and social issues serious enough that you took her to a therapist. But there was no hint that she struggled with her gender identity. You would have never called her a tomboy — she liked wearing dresses and playing with dolls, and she never played with boys. Yet you learn that one of her few friends has also told her parents that she is “trans” and intends to become a boy. What are the chances? Is your daughter going to do this too?”


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