When Does Sex Matter?

“Helen Joyce and Maya Forstater join host Helen Dale to discuss transgender activism, civil rights law, and Forstater’s recent discrimination lawsuit.

Brian Smith:

Welcome to Liberty Law Talk. This podcast is a production of the online journal Law & Liberty and hosted by our staff. Please visit us at lawliberty.org, and thank you for listening.

Helen Dale:

Hello, my name is Helen Dale, and I’m Senior Writer at Law & Liberty. With me today are Maya Forstater and Helen Joyce. Maya is the Executive Director and co-founder of the UK lobby group Sex Matters. Helen Joyce, formerly of The Economist, is the author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality. She also works at Sex Matters, where she’s Director of Advocacy. It’s fair to say both Helen and Maya have quite extraordinary stories, which are best told in their own words rather than in summary form by a radio broadcaster. So, to that end, let’s get started.”


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