The Underreported Rise In Male Suicide

“I’ve been out and about talking about my book a lot in recent months. (See my latest podcast appearance on Ezra Klein’s show, for example). One of the facts I cite a lot is that boys and men are at a four times higher risk of suicide. I’ve been surprised by how surprised people are by it. Of course, not everyone is studying boys and men. But that’s such a stark divide that it seems like it should be pretty well known. But it’s not, even among quite well-informed folks.

A Yale professor told me he didn’t know about the gender gap in suicide rates, just after he’d spoken on an panel on youth mental health and suicide. A CNN reporter got the numbers the wrong way round before I corrected them. A state legislator had to do a google search to confirm the truth of what I was saying.

This lack of awareness matters. The rise in suicide rates is a huge public health challenge. Understanding who is most at risk is important, not just for policymakers, but also for parents, educators and friends. For all of us.”