The Future Of Beauty Is Already Here

“It was recently the world’s first Metaverse Beauty Week. Beauty brands like Lush, Neutrogena and Glossybox came together for the five-day virtual event, marketed under the slogan Reality Gets a Makeover. Hosted across various metaverses, MBW offered all kinds of immersive experiences. You could play interactive beauty games. You could ‘try on’ make-up using AR filters. And, something new to me, you could collect virtual beauty products for your avatar.

In other words: brands now want us to buy products to make our avatars more attractive! There were virtual versions of SPF serums and body creams. There were digital brow pencils, eyeliners and freckle tints. One Gen Z brand even debuted a digital hair shine spray to let ‘your avatar transform into the glowing goddess it deserves to be.’”