The Cowards, The Pretenders and The Woman-Haters

The time to claim ignorance of the issue of gender identity in the UK has passed. Two or three years ago, if I spoke of this issue to someone, and they had that predictable look of shock on their face — perhaps claiming it was the first time they had heard of this — I had the patience to explain and wait for their reaction to formulate. More recently, I simply don’t believe them. Some people might not know a lot, they might have been influenced one way or the other into the view they adopt, but I think there are precious few people, of even minimal awareness, who know absolutely nothing. 

There are a great number who know more than they let on, and those pretenders are the most treacherous to women and our rights. They claim a lack of expert knowledge or “not wanting to get it wrong”, but there is no expertise needed and you can’t get what you legitimately hold as a belief “wrong”. If you are a human being, you know that you are male or female, and you know that you can’t change your sex and that no one else can. The only time you’d lack sufficient knowledge about the topic is if you tried to argue against two sexes, because it’s impossible to do so.