The Case Against Surrogacy

“Last July, Albert and Anthony Saniger filed a lawsuit against a high-end California fertility clinic after their dreams of having a second boy were destroyed when their surrogate gave birth to a baby daughter. After already choosing male names and Gmail accounts for their future son, the couple had explicitly made clear that no female embryos were to be transferred into the body of their surrogate, who had experienced two failed cycles of in vitro fertilization before a successful pregnancy in 2020.

To add to the trauma of being forced to live with a healthy baby girl instead of a male, the Sanigers were now forced to spend “staggering” amounts of money raising the two boys they wanted and a girl, all bought via costly fertility clinic services. They sued for “reckless and/or intentional” implantation of a female baby. After all, they had already spent more money just for the creation of their babies than most middle-class people spend on their children over the course of a decade. Is it hyperbolic to think immediately of China’s squalid orphanages, filled to the rafters with baby girls that nobody wants? In India, parents devastated not to have sons will drop their newborn daughters off onto the street in baby baskets. Perhaps our hyper-progressive rainbow capitalist culture is no better: anyone, regardless of gender or sexual identity, seems to think themselves entitled to whatever product they can afford. The exploding and largely unregulated surrogacy industry in America represents the total commodification of babies and human life. It targets working-class women as human incubators for the wealthiest people in the world. But contrary to growing popular belief, nobody is morally entitled to buy or have whatever they want, especially a human baby.”