Not By Choice: Unmarried Without Kids and The Truth About Life in the ‘Otherhood’

“‘My friends and I had a contest to see who would be the first to get a ring on their finger,’ said a woman I had just met. ‘And I won!’ she added, with a level of glee incongruent with the two or more decades that had passed since her engagement.

I had been lucky enough to find an empty seat at a table at a large gathering of media folks at a restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, when the woman I’ll call ‘Lisa’ began telling us how she got married—and by how I mean how she reached her goal of getting married, not how she met her husband.

Little did I know that ‘how-to-get-married’ is Lisa’s competitive game of choice, and that I’d send her off to the races by way of introducing myself and what I do. I’m the founder of Savvy Auntie, a brand and insights company that focuses on childless women who love the children in their life. I’m single (never married), no children, though I had planned for and expected both.”