Is There a Doctor in the House?

“In recent years, a striking paradigm shift in medical ethics has emerged, driven by progressive political ideologies purporting to champion ‘Social Justice.’ This shift has precipitated a surge in initiatives centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The resulting effects have varied considerably; they include the introduction of explicit racial bias in treatment protocols in a quest for ‘health equity,’ and an unsettling disregard for biological sex as an important variable in both medical research and patient care. Instead, the new radical movement favors categorizing individuals based on their self-identified and medically irrelevant ‘gender identity.’

Even more alarmingly, we are witnessing a direct assault on the language associated with women’s health in medicine. Terms traditionally used in clinical settings, such as ‘mothers,’ are being replaced with neutral alternatives like ‘birthing parents.’ Similarly, the term ‘women’ is frequently substituted with ‘individuals with a cervix,’ even though nearly half of women don’t know what a cervix is and such language may therefore cause a significant number of women to forgo important routine cervical screenings.”