I Wasn’t Hysterical. I Was Sick.

“Since age 15, I have experienced exhaustion, indigestion, and recurring nausea. I was grateful when I got into Princeton, but when I arrived, I couldn’t keep my eyes open in lectures—despite sleeping over twelve hours every night. 

I cried daily and suddenly, say, when I was reading a dense Supreme Court opinion for my politics courses. (In my defense, our Constitutional Interpretation course is historically known for its harsh grading.) Although my diet was consistent, my weight fluctuated and my clothes were either too baggy or too tight.

And yet, rounds of blood work suggested I was healthy. I was prescribed antidepressants so that I might make friends, and Adderall so that I might remain focused. Friends, roommates, and family members agreed that I needed to ‘toughen up’ since ‘everything is fine.’”