Hid Treasure: On Free Speech, Political Power, and Female Penises

“Centuries from now, if we have managed to produce any historians – which is not a given, I’m sorry to say – I suspect that they are going to find our current era very interesting indeed. ‘Why was it’ students of history will wonder, ‘that the guiding ideology of the American Empire, and its European vassal states’ (that means us, friends) ‘shifted so suddenly in the second half of the twentieth century?’

I don’t think they will use words like ‘wokeness’ or ‘political correctness’ to describe this new ideology. Rather, I think they will call this historical event the Second Reformation, in recognition of its being contiguous with the First Reformation. While our ancestors of the 16th century went to war against Catholicism, we have gone to war against Christianity per se. And our world has been turned upside down as a consequence.”