“Empowerment” Feminism Failed Us

“Last week my Twitter feed was flooded with critiques of the feminist author Caitlin Moran and her latest book, What About Men? In the book, Moran argues that men are in crisis. They aren’t talking about their problems. They are falling behind at school and university. They are committing suicide at record rates. Women, on the other hand, are winning! We talk about sex. We are proud of our bodies. We open up about our emotions. After years of empowering women and girls, Moran thinks it’s time men catch up.

‘Feminism,’ is Moran’s answer, ‘What men and boys need is feminism.’ By which she means: men must learn to embrace their bodies, express their emotions and love themselves unapologetically, like women do. They must, like women, stop giving a fuck! And be proud of their penises! And gossip with each other in the boys’ bathrooms!”