Confected Outrage Doesn’t Change the Facts About the Family

“On Thursday I was interviewed by Times Radio to discuss what policies I would like to see in next year’s Conservative manifesto. Pretty standard for a political interview one might think, but not, as it happens, on Twitter (X), where so far the clip has been viewed nearly one million times and hundreds of users have accused me variously of ‘blaming parents for dying’, being ‘vile’, ‘evil’, ‘thick’, ‘homophobic’, ‘disgusting’, a ‘white power barbie’ and wanting women to stay in abusive relationships. It turns out that not all publicity is good publicity.

You may be wondering what on earth I said to have evoked such an extreme response. Did I demand that the next manifesto include a promise to drown kittens and privatise the NHS? No, my policy ‘ask’ was far more anodyne; I merely suggested we should adjust our taxation system to end the ‘family penalty’ that sees British families paying significantly more tax than in most comparable countries.”